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about 350- 375 hp and pretty flat 400lbs torque curve.
I researched for a long time for the combination and had Chris Straub design the cam specifically for my combination and application. Had a great engine balancer do that work. Just fired it up this weekend. Super smooth. Idles great. No sea trials yet. Last step of a total resto. Put in composite stringers floor and transom. Faired and painted whole boat and new interior. Took two years to complete.

Some of the parts.
Enginequest Heads 200cc and 72cc combustion chamber.
SB Chevy 383 Mahle Forged D Dish Top Pistons
Scat 383 4340 Standard Weight Crank - 3.750" Stroke
Scat 4340 Forged Pro Stock SBC 6.000" I-Beam Rods - 7/16" Cap Screw.
Lunatti Roller retrofit lifters. 1.5
Clevite 77 bearings
RPM air gap intake
Q-jet jetted for 383
etc etc.
Static compression of 9.1:1
Going in a 1981 Campion Christina


383 Mouse Powered 80.5GPS
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Looks really good. I love my 385ci and will never build a stock stroke 350 again. They run awesome too!

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