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First thread!!!

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ok, so, this forum was looking pretty empty, so I'll start it off. Just got an 88 Sonic...any more experienced owners have any tips for Sonic specific issues?
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Congrats on the first !
I never been lucky enough to be a Sonic owner.
See quite a few I wouldn't mind having.
There was a 37 here for sale last summer with triples.
I imagine that had to be a fun ride !!!
saw I think a 98 42 foot in annapolis for $80K...waaay out of my price range...I picked this up for $18k with one engine disassembled...I'lkl get the motor put back together this winter and have it in by spring
Tell us about your boat. In PA where do you boat? Erie or OH river?
actuallt, down in the chesapeake bay...I can be at the water in 35 minutes...twin 454's w/blowers..650 hp...35 foot, full head, galley..triaxle traler..bravo outdrives 4 blade 26 p props
Sounds like a fun ride. I've heard all good about Sonic. Obviously your on the east side of PA. I've yet to check out the Ches Bay. Did NY City and the Hudson but...
Sounds like a sweet set up, all but the drives. The Bravo drives are past there limit.
get fliexble - that's all I can say - Sonic Twins are very tight in the engine compartment - great boats though!!!

well built and Roomy!

I still love the Sonic 31 - if we ever downsize I'll find one.
Sounds like a sweet set up, all but the drives. The Bravo drives are past there limit.
I was talking to the prop shop down in md, he said the bravo1's are good for about 700, as long as you dont straight arm it all the time...he said to stay away from the 2's and 3's., as for te tight engine compartment... There's tons of room, compared to my chappie with the twin small blocks!!
Good looking boat you have there. The 35 Sonic is a good size boat to run and handle the bay.

Most twin engine boats, the engine compartments are tight, with side by side installs, staggered setups= plenty of room.

One of the nice things about the 45 ( and a few 38 & 42's ), with the tripple engine setup, there is plenty of room around the engines. I have no problems at all. My previous 42 ( twin engines ) was tight, especially with the genny. My 45 has a genny with the tripples, and still plenty of room to work.

The $80k Sonic in Annapolis belongs to a friend of mine. Its actually a 94, all redone, looks like brand new, and its a 45 also. Tripple engine setups are standard in a 45, optional in a 38 and 42's. Very few 42 tripple setups were done. There were more 38 tripple setups produced than the 42 with tripps.

You will love your Sonic, not as fast as some in the same size range, but when it gets rough, most times they will be behind you, unless they like getting beat up pretty bad, but that also depends on what they are running in too, but for the most part they will be behind you. For size, ammenities, head room, strength and construction quality, they are hard to beat.

Good luck with the boat. You should have little to no issues with the Sonic, but that too depends on how she was taken care of. For the most part they are built like a tank. If you need anything, send me a PM. May be able to help you out if you need it or point you in the right direction.

Unfortunately with Sonic changing hands/ownership as they have over the last 10 years and also with the economy, not too may spare parts around, especially with the older hulls, and many of the OEM suppliers are no longer around.
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I appreciate it... I'm pretty good at adapting an farbricating stuff, so I dont think parts availability will be an issue. This thing was takn care of pretty well, there are some interior issues that come with age, but nothing that can't be redone
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