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Was starting to lean towards the Liberator with the 460 KC but a buddy told me about this boat (1993 Chaparral 2550 SX)) and what it can do so I’m going to look at it.
I’ve looked at a few but just like I see happen to many people in the used boat market, doubt and second guessing creeps in.
My buddy says the 2550 has the 454/bravo that has been massaged a bit along with some prop work done..
My bud has an older Baja with a 502 that runs very well & is known to be a pretty fast boat and he said that 2550 surprised him at the end of last season.
My buddy is the one who originally found me the liberator that I test drove and was pushing me towards that. Now he called me yesterday and said to hold off making any decisions because he just saw that this 2550 was for sale for what appears to be a pretty good price. He said the only reason he’s telling me to stop is because he knows for a fact that that is the same boat that he messed around with last season and for as fast as that ran with all the other features of that boat and additional room, etc. he thought I should at least look at it.
I know it’s not a high performance boat technically and the hull design is not meant for speed or big waves but I also know they were on Lake Erie when they were running them and my buddy said it definitely was not calm that day. My buddy said that he always wanted to talk to that guy to see what all he had done to it but never had the opportunity. He found someone that knew a little about the boat but just had limited information and all the guy knew was that it was a built 454 but he didn’t think it was anything radical & he knew he had been testing several props..
My apologies for rambling on but I want to make sure I get out all the relevant information that I have..

On a sidenote, the 241 liberator with a 460 was a pretty cool boat.. Handling was a lot different from what I’m used to but I liked it and it almost felt like I was floating through the waves..
Top speed that I was able to get was about 54 but the guy said with a better prop it would hit high 50s all day and low 60s in the right conditions. He took off the prop that he ran with it for his new boat and put an older prop on it for the sale. Was just surprised by how small it gets in the cockpit area… Not a lot of room to do to much unless you stand on top of the cuddy and sun pad… lol
But I digress, spacious design and entertaining is not what that boat was built for.

So, any thoughts on all this or at least some input on the 2550 with the 454?

Thanks so much….
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