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Fountain restoration progress

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Stopped by Bay Performance and went over all the graphics with Norm today and snapped a few pics.


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last 1 for now........


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same colors just tired of buffing before EVERY single outting, so its getting painted with some updated graphics on the sides and bow so theres a cool spot to walk on! believe it or not that last pic wasnt after sanding, just faded that much in a couple weeks!
lil red boat said:
... believe it or not that last pic wasnt after sanding, just faded that much in a couple weeks!

Your boat is in great hands, and it's good to know that you'll still be 'lil red boat'! :)
Glad to see it is finally your turn. Keep us posted.
me 2! Thanx, should be done next week! cant wait!
Looks good! When is it going to be done
as of right now next week...then i can do all the other crap.......change fluids, tune up, impeller, and new stereo.......then I think Im done modifications for the year....o yeah then I get to put gas in it!
Looks great Steve, and alot cheaper and better looking job than I got when I restored mine!!!!! Good luck with it.
thanx, luckily its just from the rubrails up and all my interiors still perfect.
wow that bow fades like a Baja!

Cant wait to see the update... definately a unique color now...looking forward to an update... good luck!
thanx! yeah it faded every single week which made a 3 hour project before every outting. Hes gonna put about 4 inches of clear on top for me :laugher: .....I heard they only made a couple in that color scheme for a miami boat show pulled by a burgundy denali for GMC. I have yet to see any other ones so maybe its rare i dunno, thats why Im keeping the color scheme, and just vinyl graphics so it can be changed.
[[wow that bow fades like a Baja!]]

I guess I need to check out mini hawks. Since I've never owned one.
will be done friday but needs to stay indoor a few days so birds dont poo all over it! cant wait
Very cool, don't forget to post some pics.
1 - 20 of 53 Posts
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