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fuel gauge

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Weird problem.........was working last yr, but now it's buried on empty. I've been keeping the boat full hoping it would start working again but it hasn't. All the fuses look good, no idea what to check next.....any ideas?
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Ground the + wire of the sending unit, if the gauge needle goes to max it's your sending unit that's faulty.
is that just the back of the gauge?
do i just do this at the back of the fuel gauge?
You may want to try and just pull the gauge out of the tank and make sure there is nothing stuck to it or it stuck to something.
just had mine fixed last week...the rod that the float rides up on in the tank had a little tarnish on it and the rod was stuck so that the gauge was pinned on empty. take it out clean it with brake cleaner and make sure it slides nice and smooth. More than likely your problem..
97bosshammer said:
do i just do this at the back of the fuel gauge?

Remove the positive lead at the fuel sender and short it to ground. If the gauge pegs at full, remove the sending unit for further examination. I recommend to replace the float type sending unit with the Gaffrig type
that measures resistance between two tubes , no moving parts.The gauge needle will also be less jumpy as well.
OK I can do the back of the gauge of course.....but where in the world do I remove the sending unit?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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