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My boat (Stingray 220SX), engine (350MAG mpi Procharged), computer combi are having a small problem.
When driving at WOT (above 4000 revs) the alarm starts beeping because of high fuel pressure.
It stops again under or just at 4000 rpms.
This is caused by the fuel pump which came with the Procharger.
It gives more fuel pressure than the original fuel pump.
The computer detects the high fuel pressure and starts beeping. The pressure is NOT to low!

A friend brought the boat at fonseperformance.com, they said they had fixed the problem and charged us 500$.
After that the boat was transported to Holland.
Once in Holland I made a test drive and .............Yes the alarm is still beeping.

Is there is chance I can fix this problem myself?
Perhaps by lowering the fuel pressure a bit.

Thanks for your help,
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