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Gear Lube Bravo 1 XR

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As we do not have Quicksilver Gear Lubes available locally I would like to get some input if it's ok to use Shell Spirax Gear and Axle oil 80W-90 ?

Shell Spirax - Gear and Axle Oils printable version

Shell Spirax is a leading brand of transmission and gear fluids - a position earned as a result of many years of heavy investment in state-of-the-art research and development facilities and millions of kilometres of field testing. Shell Spirax’s performance has satisfied customers around the world.

Shell Spirax ASX Axle Oil and Spirax GSX Gearbox Oil
Spirax GX gearbox oil and Spirax AX axle oil

To help you protect your trucks, Shell have developed new and advanced formulations for the Spirax range of gearbox and axle oils that deliver leading performance whatever your fleet or operation.

This change was driven by our customers’ needs for lubricants to protect today’s advanced gearbox and axle designs that work harder and endure higher levels of stress and provide maximum efficiency and fuel economy compared to previous generations.

Now, from leading-edge synthetics to reliable industry standard oil, Shell Spirax has it all. For more than 60 years, Shell Spirax has stood for quality and reliability. Today, selecting gearbox and axle oil is as simple as choosing the Spirax lubricant that is as advanced, hardworking and efficient as the trucks and machinery you operate.

Shell Spirax ASX Axle Oil and Spirax GSX Gearbox Oil

Spirax GSX and ASX are premium-quality, fully-synthetic lubricants formulated to provide premium component protection, fuel economy and long-life operation for your vehicles.

o Established, premium performance in over 20 million kilometres of field trials with major component manufacturers
o Proven fuel efficiency benefits to reduce operating costs
o Proven longer oil drain intervals to keep vehicles on the road longer
o Proven longer equipment life to minimise maintenance and maximise resale value

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Shell Spirax ASX

Feel confident in Spirax ASX 75W-90
Shell Spirax ASX 75W-90 represents leading lubricant technology. Improved over years of field-testing and laboratory innovations, it is specially-formulated with a combination of synthetic base oils and unique additives to provide superb drive train performance. Exceptional shear stability and outstanding oxidation resistance contribute to its premium performance characteristics.

Fuel efficiency and longer oil drain interval
Excellent frictional properties reduce power loss and cut operational temperatures, resulting in increased mechanical efficiency. This combination of characteristics translates into lower fuel costs for your business and extended oil drain intervals.

Longer oil life
Spirax ASX 75W-90 demonstrates high shear stability in field-testing. This contributes to extended oil life and durability, maximizes the life of your components and extends oil drain intervals.

Shell Spirax GSX

Shell Spirax GSX is premium quality, fully synthetic gear oil, formulated to provide premium component protection, fuel economy and long life operation for manual transmissions.

Longer transmission life
Exceeding the requirements of leading OEMs, Shell Spirax GSX provides outstanding protection against pitting, scoring and wear protection, plus excellent synchromesh compatibility - all contributing to longer life for your transmissions.

Fuel efficiency
Shell Spirax GSX has been shown to work at lower operating temperatures in the FZG test rig. This is a critical factor in enhanced oil life, extended oil drain intervals and improved fuel economy - results that can lead to real cost savings for your business.

Spirax GX gearbox oil and Spirax AX axle oil

Shell Spirax GX and AX make a major contribution to improved driveline performance:

o Superior protection beyond the mainstream industry standard.
o Protection against pitting and wear.
o Developed to suit most European trucks.
o Fully approved by Mercedes-Benz, MAN and ZF.
o Reduced environmental impact.

These premium quality oils have delivered major improvements in driveline performance, with protection well beyond the mainstream industry standard, demonstrated in extensive laboratory testing and in more than six million km in the field operating conditions.

Developed to suit a wide range of European trucks and fully approved by Mercedes-Benz, MAN and ZF, the low-chlorine formulations of these heavy-duty mineral based oils also offer increased environmental protection. Testing by Mercedes-Benz has shown a 47% increase in gear life by using Spirax AX in axle tests, and more than a 50% increase in gear life by using Spirax GX in transmission tests.

Results like these have led senior Mercedes-Benz engineers to observe that: ‘Besides an increase in the service life of gear teeth and bearings, great improvements in temperature levels were also measured.’

Even at the end of their normal lifetime, Spirax GX and AX oils offer 200% greater levels of protection against pitting and wear than other similarly aged conventional oils.

Spirax G gearbox oil and Spirax A axle oil

Delivering long-established and trusted reliability you can depend on:

o Trusted, reliable performance.
o Demonstrating reliability and long life.
o Industry – standard performance.
o Good oxidation resistance.
o Excellent viscosity control.

Helping to ensure reliability and long life for your equipment, these oils offer the long- established and trusted reliability our customers have depended on for so long. Using modern additive technologies to deliver good oxidation resistance, viscosity control and gear cleanliness, they deliver industry-standard performance levels over a wide range of vehicles and operations.

Developed to bring some of our most popular products up to date with modern technology performance, Spirax G and Spirax A provide reliable heavy-duty protection.

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Any good 75w90 gear oil will work. Full synthetics are ok but dont have the friction modifiers in them that help the cone clutch hold.
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