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On the recommendation of Gilla, I've added a payment calculator on the bottom on the left nav bar on the home page. Sorry it took me so long to get this done....after all - it's been almost 30 minutes since I got started....

:) - jeff

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JEFFJ said:
I was checking out a 37' Outer Limits that I could probably buy for about 160....

let's think

160k 20 years 7% = $1,240/month
LOL! That's what keeps me from buying one, too. Not that the bank wouldn't loan it (you know how that goes), but that's a lot of damn money a month for a boat. (especially for our 4 month long season)

So, a new 37 OL, or a nice, plenty adequate lesser $$ boat and a new Vette? (or some other toy(s))....it's these tough decisions in life we big kids have to make:D:D

Pisser is, I can't talk the wife into the 37 OL, OR keep the Fountain and buy a new Saleen Mustang. damn women....
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