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Got the boat wet today.

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Man I was starting to think it would never happen. Was going to try last week but the weather got bad.

Then today I get up and check the radar. Everything looks good to go. Pull the boat out and give it a bath. Load up life jackets, ropes, and all the other crap. Then I look up ad see those nasty black clouds. Not again :(

So I put the boat back in the tent and go in the house and sulk. After about 1.5 hours I look at the radar again, and screw it I am going boating. Drive to South Haven and it rains the whole way. Get to the ramp and it is cleared up and looking good.

So it turned out to be a great day on the water. Was some nice chop to get the boat out of the water. Also let the wife drive the boat at speed for the first time. We ran all the way to St.Joe and then back.

THe only thing that sucked is we only saw two other performance boats out the whole day. There was a 36 Sonic that was putting back to South Haven, and a red Fountain(29' I think) headed out of South Haven that does not wave when waved to.

With all the waiting for this boat to get back together it was nice to just get out on the water. I needed this after 6 months of sitting on the couch with broken legs this winter. Now they are sore after toay, but it's a good sore :)
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Weather report for my part of the world yesterday was for strong thunder storms in the afternoon. We were out on the Chesapeake from 10 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon. As we were coming into our lift at the house, the sky became black and thunder was starting. I thought I timed that about as perfect as you can!

It never did rain! The sky was dark for about 20 minutes then cleared up!

We sat on the deck until 8:00 enjoying the sights and our evening martini! :cheers:
Congrats!! Any pics?

That reminds me of the first time we rented a house boat in Cumberland. Monday morning the whole way there heavy and I mean heavy T storms. To the point that we had to pull over. We we got to the marina you could se a little piece of blue sky and in kept getting bigger and bigger, turned out to be beautiful, best time I've ever had down in cumberland. Just goes to show that things don't always turn out that bad in the end.

As for this weekend we got some rain here at home but the wind picked up to the point that it got a little scary. Temp dropped so cold that I had to tow the jet ski cause no one wanted to ride it.

Hope you have plenty of good times on the water now that you out.
Mine got wet this weekend too...................it rained. :(
dang the closet mine got was the hose and soapy water :(
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