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clipped from the news:

ps: I went diving for golf balls here with a buddy a few years ago...

What’s at the bottom of Cocktail Cove?
By Judy Green
County Editor
LAKE LANIER — On any given weekend during boating season you can virtually walk on water in Lake Lanier’s Cocktail Cove.
In a cove on the back side of Lanier Islands — by land just off the greens at Lanier Pine Isle Golf Course or by water at mile marker 8 — boats are tied together and the partyers aboard them hop from one to the next in search of fun and sun.
On “big” weekends, Memorial Day weekend for example, “it’s like Mardi Gras meets Carnival,” says boater and self-professed Cocktail Cove reveler Tim McNabb.
“You take several hundred boats, no turn signals, no stop signs, no lane markings, add some booze and subtract some swimsuits and you have a pretty good picture of what it’s all about,” McNabb said.
That’s the scene from on the water, but what about underwater?
For a glimpse from the depths of Cocktail Cove you need the expertise of someone like John Kelly. Kelly, 56, got his certification to dive in 1968 at Lake Lanier. He’s a dive master/assistant instructor at Dive.Dive..Dive... on Sugarloaf Parkway.
Kelly’s lost count of the number of times he’s gone diving in Lake Lanier — he was once tapped by a dad wanting him to retrieve from the lake a car the man’s teen-age son had failed to put into park — but he has a running tally of the loot he’s brought with him on the way back to the surface of Cocktail Cove.
There, nestled among the beer bottles, cans and other debris, he’s found:
n several boat anchors
n 17 pairs of sunglasses, everything from Ray Bans to the gas station variety
n stainless steel gas grills
n swimming masks
n lawn chairs
n swim suits
n beach towels
n rod and reels
n various pieces of jewelry
n golf balls from the nearby golf course.
“Last year, we found a wallet that had been lost there back in the late ’60s,” Kelly said. “It had $7 in cash and some credit cards.”
The wallet’s owner was notified, Kelly said, and the man who lost it told Kelly and his dive buddy that the credit cards had been canceled and allowed them to keep the $7.
“He got a real kick out of it,” Kelly said, noting, “if it can be put on a boat, it can fall off a boat and we’ve found it.”

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Well a couple of those anchors could have been mine. My wife has thrown 2 $80.00 anchors overboard without the rope being attached:confused:

But these were both in lake Michigan.
Since these were found at lake Lanier,I know her throwing arm isn't that good:laugher:

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I can verify that,,, it was hilarious,,, Paul tell her to throw the anchor ,,, and she did !!!! She then procieded to say,,, " You didnt tell me to conncet the rope first !!!"
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