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Harley Dash Project

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New looks nice but I made a big mistake - it is 1/4-inch plastic and bends and flexes in the FL sun. It also rattles and squeaks when running and scratches really easily....a year in the sun and it looks crappy already. Also - the switches don't "snap" into it right...they pop out from time to time and it is annoying.

Since I have down time - going to redo them in metal.

Suggestions? Who/where to cut the metal for me? Costs?

Couls use another material also. 1/4" thick lexan rather than regular plexi or similar. Better stuff may let stick with that thickness. There are LOTS of different plasticss out there, lots of different qualities. A thought...GOOD LUCK whichever road you go.
My original (1988) was plastic and I had a local fab shop copy it with an aluminum one. Worked out well and was very reasonable.
I always read your posts Swamp... I have always admired Harleys and wouldl ove to own one... I always thought of them as a more practical Cary...
I have enjoyed reading about your projects and boat
You must LOVE working on boats. You've been playing with this thing for what, over 5 years now? You must really enjoy it. Cheers.
yeah it is fun to work on it and boating is year round down here in sunny FL. I have to admit I dont like doing things twice though :laugher:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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