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I had a leaking head gasket. It was leaking from the water port out. We pulled the heads and are ready to get parts. It's an '81 Mercruiser 350. The head gaskets that where in it where part # GM6289577. There where only small hole where the water passages are instead of the whole passage being open. Is that normal? I called the local auto parts store. They said I would have to get gaskets from Mercuiser. Can anyone help me and tell me what I need for head gaskets? I plan on getting the heads planed and possibly magnafluxed. Also do I need new head bolts? Am I missing anything?

The motor is in great shape other than this.

Thanks Brian

P.S. Thanks Wildchild212 and Thirsty Turtle for the help. I won't forget it.

:) :) :)
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