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Looking for some help and guidance with some seat options on my 28 Excel. Right now I have the standard swivel seats, well the way that they are attached leaves something to be desired to say the least and I guess after 20 years it's about time that they have movement in them. I did a temp fix by installing a plate underneath them and under the floor but it's just a matter of time till they become loose again.

Anyway looking for some options on seats. I really like HotBoats seats but I don't like how the headrest sticks so far out of the boat. Bolster seats I think would also be a problem as there is not alot of deadrise in the Scarab excel hull so mounting them to where the drop outs wouldn't hit the floor would be a bit of a challenge.

Anybody out there with a 28 Scarab Excel that has changed their seats? Please post pics and sourcing locations.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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