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Help in hooking up Electronic Choke ??

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Hey guys, I just swapped out my old rochester carb that was a mechanical choke, to a new Edelbroke 750 electric Choke.

Just wondering where I hook up the positive and Negative wires that are on the electric choke??
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The ground would hook to a ground source or negative at battery and the positive would go to a power source that is energized with the key switch in the on position.
Assuming you have standard ignition with a coil , you ground one contact with a short wire to the carb stud and run a wire from the Coil+ or from the ignition source to the other contact on the choke assy.
Leud, are you from Vanc BC or Vanc Washington?
Vancouver BC - Whiterock Actually, 5 miles from the Wa border.
Did you know about the Sidney Poker Run Tomorrow?
My buddy will be on the 7AM ferry with his 35 fountain and I'll tag along.I registered for the August Harrison Lake Poker run.That is the best of the west coast.
No I didnt know about that one, but I am registered for the Harrison Lake one. I think I saw you guys on the weekend, I was anchored at Wreck.
It was a great weekend for sure.Iit rained the same time last year for the Sidney run, so taking my car instead and ride with my buddy who's already on the island on this boat. You may have seen it before.

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Per the edelbrock book, mount the ground directly back to the choke housing. As for the power, they specifically mention not to tap into the coil post. Mercruiser uses the AC tap on the back of the alt for their electric chokes. I used this as well and it perfect. Its not a keyed 12v source but its a source ONLY when the motor is running. This way you dont have to worry about a dead battery in case you turn the key for something and forget.
Hey thanks! I'll probably try it out today.
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