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I told Teri..."You should join this site". She said...." I don't know anything about boats!"

Let me tell ya....she can throttle down with the best of 'um. Get into traffic or docking though....and the Turtle has to take the wheel. A little more seat time and a few dock dings though and she'll be good!

I need a little friendly persuasion from you guys and especially the gals for reasons to join.

OK, the biggest reason I want her to join is because I want to double our chances of winning that GPS!


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Teri, this is Karen... I understand your hesitation about the forum (and about docking). I've never been a member of a forum before, but this one has really been fun. Jeff just came by and saw me on, and he actually warned me not to get addicted!

I have to admit that a lot of the motorhead talk goes right by me, but I still like to read most of the posts (even the old jokes!). The pictures and boating stories are my favorite part; they have really gotten me anxious for the warm weather.

I'm not sure if I'm the only woman here at Speedwake, but with all the posts about cat fights, I feel right at home! :winker:

Please feel free to send me a private message once you get on, and we can chat about boating from a less testosterony prespective! k

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:p: Hey Ter! It's yo sista!!!! Ok, so now we got 2 chicks that don't know much about boats on here! Although I think that my husband was sorta impressed with me the other night when I knew what kind of outdrive we had and a couple other boat questions! I do know that we don't have enough speed pushing our boat. I take that back, our boat has enough speed, I just want a bigger boat with more speed, and I got a specific one picked out. ha!:rambo:
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