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Help.......need piston swap

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I have a brand new set of Keith Black KB-785 flat top .060 stroker pistons for 454 that I have to trade off or sell or something. My compression ratio is totally OFF and I need a set of Keith Black KB-778 that are .060.

I installed these pistons and went by the general directions of others (I was to lazy) so I got the consequences of others :unhappy1: :unhappy1: :unhappy1: , maybe I'll learn a valuable lesson :winker: :winker: :winker: :winker: DO YOUR OWN *%$#@# HOMEWORK.

Anyone have some to trade, sell etc???

Monday I will contact the supplier and see what options I have there too. I had the option of pop-ups when I ordered the kit but went flat. Yup, flat alright :dead: :dead: :dead: :dead:

8.273 Compression aint gonna get it :unhappy1: :unhappy1: :unhappy1: :unhappy1:
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Well called the supplier today. He has the pistons I need and he wants $400 for them........no trades........
:banghead: :banghead:

New pistons are on the way :vcol:

Now back to over 9:1 :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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