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Hey all you Fountain experts.....

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You know I;ve posted some prices about new 35 Fountains that are pretty darned good. I spoke to a local Fountain dealer today and quoted him the prices I was given on a 35 by another dealer. He immediately recoiled and barked back at me all about how the prices I was being quoted were on a 35 Executioner and not a 35 Lightning and he said there was a BIG difference between the two. He told me the hull was much better on the Lightning.

Does anyone have an first hand knowledge about these new 35 Executioners. The original dealer that contacted me with these great prices merely stated it was a 35 Fountain with Executioner Graphics...

any thoughts???

- jeff
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East Coast dealer are always uptight about losing potential money. They care more about themselves than customers....

sad but true...

I have not met an East Coast Dealer yet I trust...

- jeff
I don't know why reggie continues to build the classic "executioner". looks nice, but is "slow" compared to the twin step. if i were buuying a new boat, i'd want the latest and fastest hull. if i wanted a "classic", i'd buy something a bit used. don't get me wrong. i dig the way the new classics look. i just don't understand why he is making two hulls the same length.
The Executioner and Lightning are two completely different boats. There is noting in common between the two and that definitely includes the price. The Executioner is a 35' Classic that was originally called a lightning. A new 35' lightning is the twin step boat with a windshield or rounded wind faring. The deck as well as the hull is completely different from the classic. The twin step will be 4mph faster, with the same power, as the Classic. There is more room in the cabin of the twin step. The engine hatch is now one piece and takes the seat back with it. I think it was about a 30,000.00 upgrade to the twin step.

The single step was released in either 94 or 95. I don't believe the step improved performance more than a couple of mph. I tried to purchase another classic this past winter. But due to some really bad management at Fountain, not returning calls, I backed out. I personally like the Classic way more than the twin step for looks. The two piece engine Hatch allows better access to the engines. The wind faring is just the right height for me to block out the majority of the wind. While seated the bend in the windscreen does become bothersome for visibility. Another down side of the Classic is the lack of a good way to mount a swim ladder! Also be ware that the new 496 HO's supposedly have cast cranks for 2002. Not a good supercharger candidate.

Tim, at Riverview, is a great guy to do business with. He would have sold me my second Fountain if the factory could have returned a couple of calls. Oh well!! Guess they didn't need the business.

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JEFF...FOUNTAIN has protected areas,no matter where you buy your boat the area dealer in which you live gets part of the commission!!... the guy who woks on my boat also has a customer with a 35 that was bought in OHIO for several 1000's less. Tim at RIVERVIEW MARINE got paid also. So in reality even if you dont buy from your local dealer cause he's a jerk, he's still going to get $$$$ if you buy a new BEAKBOAT!!!
I spoke to the sales rep in detail lat night. The boat comes with Bennet Sports tabs - they have to get replaced with Kplanes.....hell I even got kplanes on my 288 (I mean splinter's 288). here's the scoop. I could get the new fountain with trailer, HP500 EFIs, Shore power, A/C, battery charger, Kplanes and race fairing for about $158k delivered to my door in Maryland. Not a bad deal. Then again I know where there's a REAL 35 Fountain Lightning in Florida, brand new with HP500 EFI's without a trailer that I could but for $155k also.....
jeff, nobody ever makes buying a new boat easy.


"The new Fountain is about as sleek and sexy as my grandfathers boring old Buick.

The high windshield is a concession to the over the hill gang. Butt Ugly!

I'd rather have an Executioner and go up on power if need be."

I hate windshields. I'm disappointed with some of the new founatins as well. I suggest that they make the faster twin step bottom with the classic deck. then you have good looks and speed. all problems are solved.
Hey Jeff

What made you steer away from the sunsation
If the Inovator is'nt your bag whats wrong with
a 32 dominator?
nothing made me steer away from Sunsation line. I would have to say at this point the Fountain is just another consideration but all things considered there is another boat that is Number #1 on my list and if Sunsation made this boat I'd buy from them in a heartbeat. If it came down to choosing between the Fountain Executioner and the Sunsation Innovator, I'd take the Innovator in a heartbeat.

In addition if the Innovator with 500 EFI's and a 35 Fountain Lightning with 500 EFI's were the exact same price, I'd take the Innovator again because it has more interior room than a 35 Fountain.

Like any boating guy... I am exploring all alternatives. Because there's nothing worse than laying awake at night in bed wondering if you made the right choice....or maybe IT IS laying awake in bed and night KNOWING YOUR MADE THE WRONG CHOICE!


What about the dominator with twin 500's,would'nt you say that is a little more
comparable to the fountain as far as price and
interior room?
the tough part here is that they're two very different boats. The fountain has a flatter deck and more beam (or at least feels that way). The Dominator has more freeboard and "feels" a little dryer to me.

- jeff
The only problem I have with Fountain is that it
feels rather small in the cuddy compared to the
dominator,what do you think?

don't get me wrong the beak boats are cool but I like the fact that if you have problem with
your sunsation,you can give Joe or Dave a call
and they go out of there way to help you,
whether you bought your boat new or used.
Now thats customer sertvice!!
JEFFJ said:
I spoke to the sales rep in detail lat night. The boat comes with Bennet Sports tabs - they have to get replaced with Kplanes.....
Fountain has there own tabs. Theirs no way they would put Bennett’s on their boats. They will put on K-planes if ordered that way.
that is very weird they put bennetts on the boat. all fountains come with k planes. hmmmmm. maybe the dealer bought with and rigged it with bennetts to drop the cost a bit.
Ah, you won't buy a Fountain. You couldn't handle the bashing we beakers take.

If you buy a Fountain, you can't be a wussy. We take more crap than any other brand of boat owner. Well, maybe second to Bayliner. Right Shorgasm?

It's just BEAK envy!!!! :laugher: :laugher:

I think the picture Jeff posted has the Fountain Trim tabs installed. The reason the price is so low is there are going to be 10-20 boats that are all equipped the same with the same colors. When you special order a Fountain every stitch is picked out. Just the headrest on the bolsters has a bunch of choices. Which embroidery? What color goes where? Maybe you don't want embroidery!! Lots of choices! Making a production run saves manufacturing costs because they can keep the same setup
well guys...here is my short list...

1. 358 Sonic
2. 38 Cigarette Top Gun. Must have full cabin, shore power and batt charger.
3. 31 Sonic
4. 35 Fountain Lightning (must have race fairing)
If Money were no object I'd take the 38' TG followed by the 38' Sonic. Downside to both boats is you are going to need some serious power to go fast. I like the 38 Sonic over the 35 Sonic for the extra room in the engine compartment. If you opt for the 35 Fountain buy the 500EFI's. I goofed when I bought ours. It's way under powered.


BTW, You need to look at a 42' Fountain if you want a fair comparison to the TG. There is way more cabin space in the 42' but not as much as the Sonic.
I put a post "elsewhere" about speeds on the 38 TG. The twin step seems to be the way to go, but that prices those way above the other boats in your list.

You seem to have about the same list as I do for another boat, except the 35 Fountain. If I bought another beak boat, it would probably be a 42 and try to get twins. There is one with triples for sale not far from us, and it's tempting till I think of the petro bills. LOL!

Let us knowwhat you decide and why. I'd be interested as it's about the same list as I have. The 37 AT AVH is pretty high up, but you can't find any used ones at decent prices and new ones take a long time to build and they don't have stock sitting at dealers. Sonic's are "custom", too, as are Cigs, but you can still find dealer stock of new boats.

I think I'd consider a 38 Donzi. They seem to be doing good in F2 this year as well. Great headroom in them, and most are optioned out with all the goodies.

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