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How many batteries do you have

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How many Batteries

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I was thinking of putting in a sub I have laying around. Should I go with two batteries, or just be cautious when using the sub.
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two, if you don't have two you should have a jumper for sure :cool:
2 optimas
I have 3 on mine, 2 on a two battery switch switch for the engine+accesories and 1 for the radio+amps+sub+dvd+lcd on a seperate switch where I can tie it into the main batteries or seperate it completely. Maybe overkill but I can leave the system on all day without worrying about it starting.. :)
The sub won`t drain your battery, but the AMP that powers the sub will drain it. I think you should always have 2 batteries on a boat - with switch of course.
obnoxus said:
2 optimas
Same...with switch of course.
1 for each eng and 1 for each sub = 4
just installed a 3rd. all 3 are now optimas


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I have one battery now is it ok to go with a different kind or do the need to be the same.
I would add the same group size as the one you have and definitly put a switch on

I have three in my boat with a switch.
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s022mag said:
I have one battery now is it ok to go with a different kind or do the need to be the same.
I'd go with one cranking battery, and one deep cycle. But, I only run one so what do I know? :laugher:

I don't use my stereo or lights much so I've never had any issues with just one.
Two switched batteries AND a 475amp jump starter - just in case....
Just my thoughts
1 motor one battery
2 motors two batteries
2 Motors, subs ,Gps and extras three batteries
Dont get me wrong Optima Batteries are great but for the price they dont last as long as they should. I picked up two Stowaway batteries this spring for 120 bucks. If they last 2 years thats fine. I'll just replace them again for another 120 bucks. I will take newer regular wet cell batteries over older gel cell any day.

Always go with a switch and I use an on board charger (dual bank) keep it plugged all the time and my battery problems have become a thing of the past. Even running amps for stereos cranked up for 6 plus hours at a time
Only one...and I learned the hard way last weekend....I need two.... After 3 hours of tunes in the cove...no start....phhhhhhhhhhhht.
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