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How many parts paint to hardener

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I'm replacing the galley pump and the new pump hole don't match up with the new. So I fiber glassed over the old and I'm about to paint it. I had to paint the boat a couple of years ago and bought some paint and hardener. Anybody have a guess to how much hardener I need to mix with the paint. Its going to be in the engine compartment, not real noticeable but I'd still like to do a good job.

Once I get the holes filled then I'll mount the new pump and have fresh water available.
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what type of paint is it. its probably a 2:1 or a 4:1 mix.

If the paint is really think its most likely 4:1
(4 hard - 1 paint)
do you mean Activator for for paints like Imrom , Awlgrip , or Catalyst (MEK) for jel coat ?
Can't answer with any certainty without knowing what kind of paint...

common paints are anywhere from 1:1 to 1:8 hardner to base... and then maybe 5 - 30% thinner depending on the paint and application, type of thinner, etc..

one POSSIBLE indication is the size of the cans - often times manufacturers package the hardner and base in sizes proportionate to the mix ratio... I wouldn't rely on this... what kind / brand of paint is it???
Its Martin Senour paint. Its acually automotive paint but I used it a couple of years ago on part of the hull on the boat. Add hardener just cant remember how much. I got one quart of paint and on 8 oz of hardener. Nothing else on the cans. Bought them at NAPA.
It should tell you on side of can, but I`d guess 4:1:1

4 parts color
1 part activator
1 part reducer
not try ing to confuse anyone , put............... i have paints that i mix 3 to 1 / 3 parts color - 1 part activator - 1 part reducer unless it is 2% voc you skip the reducer , or better yet, call or go over to NAPA
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