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How much GAS did you burn this weekend?

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Only about 20 gallons for me this weekend. I lucked out, when I filled up it only took 11 gallons! I didn't realize I left so much in the tank at the end of last season.
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Around 4-6 :D
Probably 20-30 gallons, we ran around a fair amount on Saturday.
28 gallons!

I was to busy trying to get all the crap ready to list the house for sale so we can move to the Outer Banks.

I went to the lake for a couple days but it was work cleaning the place and loading crap that I wonted to move to OBX.

On the bright side I did have a few cocktails.
Less than 1 gallon !

I ran the boat on the hose Saturday - before and after changing the oil. That was the extent of my boating this weekend. :mad:
2 or 3 gallons..... 25 hp Boston Whaler...lol


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Awesome to be back on the Rivah...


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Spent 210.00 filling up the tank and used none of it.Rained all weekend as it is today.

Supposed to be mid 80's this weekend so I'll make up for last weekend and burn it all.
I'd have to say about 10 gallons. I had a half tank (48G tank) and threw in a 5 gallon jug right before we went out. Got back to dock and I was a little over a 1/4
Not much since I worked Friday and Saturday and the rain threat kept me on the local pond Monday where the popos kept my exhaust going through the prop and speed under 55 :rolleyes: . I'm hoping the weather improves by Thursday so I can get in a good run on Lake St. Clair and do my part to speed up global warming around here.
Probably around 30 give or take. Worth every penny tho! No place better to be!
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