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Important - Please Read

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Folks, I can't allow any posts with pictures of nudity here or in the Photo Gallery.

You know I don't mind scantily clad woman in bikinis and thongs because that is not considered nudity under the guidelines that cover publicly available Internet content.

The reality is that I am bound by an AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) by my hosting company and they do not allow nudity.

I had to remove a post this morning that contained nudity and I am sorry that I had to, but those are the rules.

Thanks - jeff
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duchunter - we're cool - no sweat :)
A forum member posted a picture here this morning that was deleted. Rules are rules and you agreed to them when you join the forum. This site has zero tolerance for pictures and images of total nudity.


Thanks for abiding by the rules you agreed to when joining the forum.


Your humble forum slave.
Since you asked; the picture you posted depicted a woman that was so obese the thong was not even visible.

Simply put as stated above: My service provider does not allow these type of graphics to be posted on servers that they own.

A Supreme Court justice (Judge Stewart) put it very well when he said "It's hard to define obscene material, but I know it when I see it".

As the owner and steward of this site I give all members lots of latitude in their posts and attachments and will continue to do so.

I hope this answers your question & thanks for participating - now let's get that 90+MPH Agressor of yours back to MD where it belongs and out on the bay.

as always...
You humble forum slave.
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cool - you'll have it back?
Karen and I will probably be out next weekend. You can probably catch us on Sunday afternoon at the Chesapeake Inn. Troy and I had out boats there on Sunday and another Sunsation 32 owner was there but with other folks.

- jeff
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