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Speedwake.com member,

I'm writing to inform you of the recent outbreak of the "W32.Klez.gen @mm" virus. This is a very large outbreak and is spreading itself throughout the Internet.

Speedwake is not infected because I have all of the latest virus detection software and run a pretty bullet-proof firewall to protect the server.

Since it is very easy to become infected with the "W32.Klez.gen @mm" virus, I've outlined below how to protect yourself from it and how to remove it if you have been infected.

Protecting yourself from the "W32.Klez.gen @mm" virus
1.Run "Windows Update" and install all required security patches.

2.Run Microsoft Office update (if you have MS Office installed) and install all required security patches.

3.Ensure that your virus scanner is updated with the latest virus definitions.

4.Do not open any suspicious email attachments - even if they come from someone you know.

Scanning for and removing the "W32.Klez.gen @mm" virus
Symantec has released a free cleaning program for the "W32.Klez.gen @mm" virus. The cleaner is available from:


Further information about this virus, can be found at:

http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/[email protected]

- jeff
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Jeff you da man, This is just one of the many many reasons I love this site!!!!!! Keep up the great work, in case you can't tell we all are greatful for your help and the hard work you and Karen have put into this site. Dude if ever I can do anything to help drop me a note..........
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