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Yea, I remember them, had the classic lines of the old two cockpit 1930's style mahogany runabouts, I don't know who made the boats in the movie, but I thought those were an Italian made model repro..... NOT :)

I saw that some say they where Chriscrafts, but I doubt they would just destroy a couple antique $40K boats, but then again, maybe they would at that.. :eek: THEY DID... :(
I also found out part of those scenes were filmed in England, So at this point, who knows what they Really are.. I have a "making of" dvd on it, so I'll have to check it out and see if they mention it..


Well, I watched it, and Steven Speilburg says Chris-Craft, and said the boat that was chopped up by the ships propeller was modified to be made longer for that scene so it would take longer to Chop it up..
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