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Made a visit to these folks on several occasions and the do have some inventory...
However, things there seem to be a little less than solid when actually buying a boat or even the minimum bid number at the end of the day... Have not talked with anyone who has actually been able to purchase a boat from them, but I am sure that has happened... Just an fyi but before anyone from outside the area comes down they should do some serious checking and have things on paper with a "subject to" clause...

Tnx, Karl

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one of the boat listed on that site is also for sale by cobrapower in florida also....

I've noticed this a lot... seems like many boats are listed at many places....

thanks for advice...

- jeff

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I sold a boat a couple months ago, and had to deliver it to the marina where this place is located. While I was waiting for them to lift the boat of my trailer, I went in the office and checked out the boats they had listed. A salesman took me out to look at two that I was interested in. They seemed up front and sincere to me, though not the most knowledgeable bunch I've ever met. They had a lot of the boats on site, and some that weren't on site.
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