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Bigger isn’t always better, as boaters who love their micro boats will be the first to tell you. Loosely categorized as any boat less than 22 feet in length, not including swim boards, micro boats are an attractive option for those wanting all the speed without the extra room. Most major manufacturers offer micro boat options, including but not limited to Baja, Donzi and Stingray. If you’re considering shelling out for a smaller than average speed boat, or are just wondering what the appeal is, it’s worth learning more about micro speed boats.

Favorable Pricing
Unless you’re specifically shopping for luxury and brand names, micro boats offer a little softer price tag than their full-sized counterparts. There’s usually a direct correlation to how much boat you buy and how much you’ll have to pay. While there are exceptions to the rule, the less boat you have, the less you’ll spend on the initial purchase price, upkeep, maintenance and repairs. For speed boaters on budgets, micro boats can be attractive for this reason alone.

Ease of Transportation
If you’re not a boater who rents a spot at the local marina, but instead prefers to haul their boat out for adventures, micro boats offer easier portability. Because they’re easier to transport or tow, micro boats open up the range of options for speed boaters who like to test new waters. If you’re a boater who craves frequent scenery changes, a micro boat may be a sound investment.

Less to Clean and Maintain
Some boaters love the work and ritual of cleaning, repairing and maintaining their boat. Others view it as a necessary evil. If you’re in the latter category but still want to maintain speed boating as a hobby, a microboat can lessen the burden. With less boat present, there’s less to clean off, less to repair and less to tend to, keeping your focus where you want it: on enjoying the water.

Better Performance in Certain Waters
If you’re partial to sea adventures, a micro boat may not be your first choice. But if you primarily boat on lakes and mostly in fair weather or other relatively calm, predictable waters, a micro boat might be the way to go. Because of their smaller design, it’s a rougher ride for choppy waters, but smaller models are perfect for fair weather hobbyists who just want to get out on the water and enjoy their day off.

Is a Micro Boat Right for You?
Not everyone is in love with the idea of micro speed boats -- and that’s okay. But if you’re considering investing in one, make a list of features you’d like to see. Chances are good you’ll be able to find one that meets your needs and checks off most of your wants, as well. Choosing to dive into the world of micro boat ownership is just as weighty as deciding on any other type of watercraft, so take your time, do your research and test drive a few before committing.

Do you own a micro boat? If so, what kind and what’s your favorite feature?

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purchased it with a 35 but found a 50 for it. havent run it yet 3/4 of the boat sanded and preparing for a paint job. new controls gauges added. been to busy with other projects to mess with it for the last 2 years.

Thought it would make a nice dingy for my Apache


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