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Is this too loud?

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It's running.He meant Cubic Inches. Take a look. http://vimeo.com/1202135
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Not loud at all!!!! When are we going for a ride?? :D
I have about 2 hrs of work left to do.I still didn't bolt the seat in.I have to make spacers for the drive shower and stuff.Looks like 1 more week.BYOL.Bring your own lanyard. :laugher:
cookin said:
BYOL.Bring your own lanyard. :laugher:
Already have it along with an extra pair of clean shorts packed in my "Boatin' with Bob" bag!!! :D
Thanks guys.I'll have Nstylx take video of it running in the water with gps.Let you know how it goes.
If it's too loud , you're too old :laugher: :laugher:

Nice ;)
:laugher: :laugher: :laugher: :laugher:
looks n sounds great! will u be on the upper bay, canal area???
Sounds Great Bob.!! Now that's what I call " Cooking with Gas" :vcol: . And I don't think it sounds too loud. I just turned the volume down, and it's fine now. :laugher:

Bet you can't wait to drive it & see it's new #'s..
Sounds great..........Where are you taking it to the water first?
Thanks All,I think I'll try it out on a small lake in my area to get any left over gremlins out.Then,I'll meet up with NSTYLX for a fun run some where that is close to both of us with alot of room. :D
Sounds great

It will sound even better when your running wot on the water :bigsmile:
Sounds tough......

Let's hear it with the silent choice turned off. :D
1 - 20 of 122 Posts
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