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Jacks Regatta On Lake Anna Va June 6,7,8

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Who's going or knows about it.
I wanna go saturday (7th). May go friday evening? Debating about staying the night or not.

There is a forum on OSO about the weekend.
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Come on Pantera28 I know you like Lake Anna
We should be there by 10 tomorrow morning! :cheers:
Bunch of great boats there, love watching those "grudge drags" Got there a little late, started talking and missed all the good food. Saw Rrocky's boat, but did not get to talk to him, met "grounds for divorce" , saw a couple sweet Velocity's that tried to run me on the lake, but I just wanted to cruise (beside my girl would not give me the green light to go WOT)
I'll be back up there this summer.
Hope someone will post pics, I got none :(
We had a great time it was good to see everybody again. We need to Thank Offshoreracr for coming to our rescue after we lost a motor in one of our tow vehicle ( My wifes Suburban) . He took our camper back to our home and then on the way he helped us change two tires on one of our trailers ( Mine on the 382 Formula ) Thanks Tommy :D what a weekend good people great weather . We also would like to Thank Jack for letting us come share his home and injoy the lake THANKS. We hope will let us come back . Thanks again all.



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thecurti said:
Come on Pantera28 I know you like Lake Anna
Hmmm...........Guess I missed this thread. :unhappy1: Looked like a good time. Thanks for sharing.
Hey, I see a Velocity. :D
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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