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PowerboatingCharities.com FINALLY online
www.powerboatingcharities.com is finally online albeit unfinished. Please take a look at it and tell me what you think so far. Constructive criticism is welcome.

I will be at the NY Poker Run all weekend collecting donations for the MALIA BROTHERS COLLGE TRUST FUND, and the FRIENDS OF DOUG LEWIS charity for his bone-marrow transplant. Any one who makes a donation will be entered in a drawing for an SRP high-impact poker run life jacket (donated by SRP and Marine Machine), three inflatable fanny packs donated by Seastar Yachts and a ladies leather jacket donated by Marine Machine.

Information on both these charities is available on the web site.

I will be located in the Total Dollar Booth, with the Poker Runs of America guys or on the Linssen DS45.

Any help is appreciated.

Happy Flag Day!
Best regards and happy boating,
Jennifer Quinn
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