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A girl was telling her date about her old boyfriend, and while doing so was stroking her beer bottle up and down many times. Finally her date has had enough and says, "You're always thinking about him. Why don't you think about me once in a while?"
"OK!" she says and starts stroking the top two inches of her bottle.

A guy goes golfing with his girlfriend. As he tees off, she steps into the ladies' teebox and gets hit in the head with his drive. She is pronounced D.O.A. and taken to the morgue. The coroner calls him in and says, "She definitely died from a blow to the head caused by the golf ball. But the only thing we can't understand is why was there a golf ball in her rectum?" "Oh," he replies, "that must have been my mulligan."
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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