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Just got my first Checkmate 24BRX bowrider. 300XS

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I got my first BRX 24 bowrider in yesterday. I already have it all rigged with a new MERC 300XS. This is the BADDEST bowrider anyone is ever gonna see! I'm no bowrider guy, but this boat is COOL! Here's some pics. Here it is at 1:00pm yesterday.

The Merc is waitin for it's new home!

I got Eric to climb in under the dash to hook up some hydraulic steering. Skinny little *******, ain't he!

Tons of storage up front. Also lots of storage under each console

Behind the back seat is storage and brackets for a wakeboard and skis

Big storage under the back seat too.

Passenger cooler locks in and is easily removed

Speaker pod and drink holders

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Very cool! :vcol: Please post more pics!
More pics on my duplicate thread
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