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2006 Baja Islander n
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So we finally complete the install, it was a bit of a PITA as the supercharger was hitting the floor of the engine compartment which required us to cut out a 4" X 4" square and reglass and gelcoat a indent, but all said its done. The boat runs great under vacuum but the issue is as soon as we get to positive boost (just over zero PSI) the alarm goes off and a code gets thrown for MAP Pressure too high. Procharger has a band aid set up where you are supposed to install a check valve to bleed off the boost which apparently is supposed to block off under vacuum but under boost the check valve is supposed to open up to allow enough boost out to bleed so the MAP sensor doesn't "freak out" is what they said. I tried this and its not working, I tried 2 check valves, still it doesn't work. Any ideas?
I included a video on youtube

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