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Just rigged a custom 2009 Checkmate 24 with a Merc 300XS

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I just finished this new 2009 Checkmate 24 Pulsare. I have three 2009's coming. This has about 10K in extras.

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Looks good. What does it run?
I broke it in today, then put the wife on the beach. I had a stock 25 Trophy prop and ran 77.4 on GPS. Not bad for a good sized single outboard boat! The fastest I ever ran a 24 with a 300xs previously was 74.6. I think the additional setback is what did it. The hyd jackplate did'nt seem to help at all. I think with a good prop, it may hit 80!

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great looking set up :)
Nice boat! I like the trim lever on the wheel
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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