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lake st. clair boating accident

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3 people were killed last night in a 38 powerquest that hit a barge in anchor bay
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OPA said:
3 people were killed last night in a 38 powerquest that hit a barge in anchor bay

Sad way to start the season...

I agree, it is a sad way to start the season.,
They were at Jacks at 9 mile in St Clair Shores and didn't look drunk when they left, I was tied up in front of them all night.

Not good, think I'll reduce my night time running..........

My condolences to the families involved.
I really hate hearing stories like that. I will be taking two new to the water people out tomorrow and this just reminds me to keep it safer then when I am with experience riders(I hope this read as it was suppose to be written).

I will be thinking of the families.
That is horrible...

I just got back from the local lake and there must have been 30 fish and game vehicles, 2 police cars, and a coast gaurd boat.... along with a sobriety check point we had to go through at the end of the day.
Before we could get on the lake everyone was being stopped and questioned... asking for life jackets, paddels, whistles, fire extinguishers and floatation devices.... They were sending people back home if they didn't have everything with them.

I didn't mind...

Condolences to the family......
HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) - A 38-foot power boat carrying five people crashed into a 120-foot barge in Belvidere Bay just off of Lake St. Clair, killing three passengers on the boat, authorities said.

Macomb County Sheriff Mark Hackel said Sunday the crash happened shortly before 11 p.m. Saturday near MacRay Harbor. The barge had lights on it, but Hackel said the boat's operator may not have seen the barge in the dark.

"We're not really sure whether they didn't see it," Hackel said.

Hackel said two passengers died shortly after the crash, and a third died Sunday morning at a hospital. The department identified those killed as a man and two women: Joseph Lee Hamilton, 42, of Bloomfield Hills; Sawson Bell, 36, of Pontiac; and Kathleen O'Neill, 39, of Harrison Township.

Hackel said the two others on the boat were injured, including owner and operator Brian James Lepp, 38, of Troy. He said Lepp and Robert William Diegel, 39, of Macomb Township, were hospitalized Sunday in stable condition.

Both were expected to survive, Hackel said.

Hackel said the barge had been anchored in the water for some time as part of a dredging operation.

The cause of the crash was under investigation.

Another boating-related death was reported over the weekend. Searchers in Iron County on Saturday found the body of Christopher Hogan, 48, of Iron Mountain in the Michigamme River, WLUC-TV and The Mining Journal of Marquette reported.

A search began a day earlier after a capsized fishing boat was reported to the sheriff's department.

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One of the barges mentioned - not sure if this is the one they hit. There is supposed to be a smaller one further inshore.

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Wow...I saw those guys at Jack yesterday, didn't realize it was that boat. I also saw the barges today when I was out there. The barge they hit the the one further out, without the crane on it that was just outside of the channel. Everyone needs to slow down a bit running after dark....

My condolences to the families.
Very sad to hear this news so early in the season......
My condolences to the families and friends of the folks on board!

Nearly every time I've run at night, I've had some sort of wacked out experience. The most harrowing being a near head on run in with a Super Tanker on the St. Lawrence River.........we never saw it nor heard it........just saw it go past us seconds after we turned out of the middle of the channel at Point Vivian (The narrowest part of the river.) Needed to change my underwear after that one!!! The rule I learned shortly thereafter when running the river at night is "Look UP" to see the vessel lights. (I'm not sure that this would be the same case in this unfortunate incident)

I don't run at night anymore!
It's really scary seeing those pictures and hopefully it'll make us all a little more cautious as the season gets going.
Deepest sympathies to the famalies. Wish everyone a SAFE summer!!
The boat I purchased was in the same scenario, The original owners were coming (Racing) out of the Baltimore harbour at night and somehow or another, they hit a bridge concrete tie off at 60 mph. The people lived, the women was cut up pretty bad from the plexiglass window dividing the cabin from outside, The boat was one year old and wouldnt be totaled so it went back to Larson for a new hull. When I purchased the boat, I heard about the story and didnt phase me. Cool , its famous . One evening, I took the boat out, and knowing things can happen, I was doing about thirty mph when all of a sudden, my buddy and I felt like some thing was dragging the boat and then let go. I stayed under way until I asked my buddy, did you feel that. Shut down the motor and heard a clunk. went to the back and found outdrive hanging by the driveshaft. All the brackets snapped. I ended up hitting a submerged railroad tie. A core of wood was pulled out of the speed intake hole on the drive unit. Lets just say I will be going 10 miles an hour at night, if I consider a night run at all.
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Sawsan "Susan" Bell, 36 years old died on the boat. She is my cousin by marriage. Her and her family immigrated to the US in 1977 from Iraq when the Catholic Caldeans were leaving the country. when she was 5 years old. I have watched this girl group up, she lived at our house one year when she was in her teens, attended her wedding, she had two boys, and now there is a funeral because of a boat captain that was negligent, this is tragic.

We are all responsible as boat captains when we take people out, this is what happens when we are not.
Aggressor Tom said:

We are all responsible as boat captains when we take people out, this is what happens when we are not.
Yes sir. No one wants to speculate now on the cause but regardless the captain must accept some responsibility. This captain survived and must live with this nightmare the rest of his life. I really hope alcohol doesn't end up being a factor. And, Tom, I'm sorry you lost a relative.
Stay tuned: They just said on TV that the owners of the barge may face charges in this accident. Details at 5.
CC said:
Stay tuned: They just said on TV that the owners of the barge may face charges in this accident. Details at 5.
Any particular reason why? I don't know all of the details but I am curious
CC said:
Stay tuned: They just said on TV that the owners of the barge may face charges in this accident. Details at 5.
Well no big news but it seems that the barge was a dark color that blended into the water and tree line and was nearly impssible to see at night. They also said that it shouldn't have been so close to a busy channel and needed more lighting.
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