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Lake St. Clair Saturday

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Anyone up for a run?
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LEOPA Spring Poker Run is sat.
whats that?
LEOPA Spring Poker Run is sat.
you have to have a running boat to participate :D
Might be up for a run if I can get out of work....
I finished putting the tips in last night, all I need to do is bolt the risers down and tighten hose clamps tonight, start on the hose and pray for no water leaks. I will be out this Saturday, no ifs ands or buts about it. I will be putting in off of South River Road sometime around 10 or 11
Im going to run the poker run on saturday, the winds are supposed to be good finally. And the weather looks to cooperate rain wise.
MattBMiller said:
Have you guys checked the weather....?
No, why?
Unfortunately I'm workin' all weekend so I'm out. :unhappy1:
Well I got everything all hooked up and ready to go. I ran it on the hose and with this 3" set up it sounds meaner. The previous owner had the 3 inch exhause going out throw 2 1/2" tips. Don't know why but now the boat is alot louder, well on the hose at least. So I will be out there Saturday.
Give me a call when you hit the water!!

We will be out and about saturday!!
lots of nice hardware at Jacks on Saturday, great day to be on the water


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what time were you guys there? I had my little boat down there around 6-8 ish
we were there between 2-4pm tons of offshores, couple race boats, and a bunch of vintage race boats
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