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This is an intelligence report on the latest viruses sweeping across our nations information superhighway in 2002 so take extreme caution and be on high virus alert at all times!
Beware of:

THE GEORGE W BUSH Virus...(Causes your computer to think it won the
election even though the motherboard and fatherboard bought it.)

THE AL GORE Virus...(Causes your computer to just keep counting)

THE CLINTON Virus...(Gives you a 7-Inch Hard Drive with NO memory.)

THE BOB DOLE (AKA: VIAGRA) virus...(Makes a new hard drive out of an
old floppy)

THE LEWINSKY virus...(Sucks all the memory out of your computer, then
emails your best friends about what it did).

THE RONALD REAGAN virus...(Saves your data, but forgets where it is stored)

THE JESSE JACKSON virus...(Warns you constantly about illegitimate
file reproduction, while illegitimately reproducing files in the background and rhyming it all)

THE MIKE TYSON virus...(Quits after two bytes)

THE OPRAH WINFREY virus... (Your 300 mb hard drive shrinks to 100 mb,
then slowly expands to restabilize around 200.)

THE JACK KEVORKIAN virus...(Deletes all old files)

THE PROZAC virus...(Totally screws up your RAM, but your processor
doesn't care)

THE JOEY BUTTAFUOCO virus...(Only attacks minor files)

THE ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER virus...(Terminates some files, leaves, but
will be back)

and last but not least...............

THE LORENA BOBBITT virus... (Reformats your hard drive into a 3.5 inch
floppy, then discards it through Windows)

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