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look at this interior :(

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Its too busy, too much to look at, I like the paint job though
More like the Krusty the Clown edition. Way to busy.
The whole boat is pimped out but the dash is totally plain? :confused:
I was just thinking how hot those seats will be on a normal Texas summer day ....
interesting :confused:
creeper said:
What were they thinkin..... :dead1:
They were trying to copy the look of some of the new Cigs!

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blackhawk said:
They were trying to copy the look of some of the new Cigs!

The trying part is right........ :laugher: :laugher:
the owner probably drove a civic from fast and the furious in his former life :D
and here I didn't think anything could beat this one

yes the wood pieces are "painted" on and this thing won all sorts of awards, nothing like saddle leather and anodized purple hardware with fake wood :dead1:
creeper said:
The trying part is right........ :laugher: :laugher:
Looks like they nailed it to me! :D


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graphcs are nice... they are a stock custom Scarab Graphic...Magic Brush may still have done those. But they are not '95 Graphic options...

interior is busy thats for sure... Hard for me to diss a scarab.... but the effort was wasted... Good concept, but executed poorly.

I too couldnt believe all that work and no dash bling
For some reason it looks a lot better on a cig.... :laugher: :laugher:
I will admit the Crayola interior is way too much. And I also agree about the dash.
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