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Look at this email I received....I'm gonna be rich!!

Barr. Frank Perezih,
Amsterdam-The Netherlands.

I am Barrister Frank Perezih the foreign legal adviser in The Netherlands to Mohammed Abacha,
the heir apparent to the Estate of the late Head of State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,
late General Sanni Abacha.

I am contacting you due to the present situation in regards to the special panel set up by the
present Democratic Government in Nigeria which is spear headed by President Olusegun
Obasanjo who was jailed by my clients father during his tenure for an attemted coup plot against
his then Government. An anti-corruption bill has recently been passed in the country
(apparently targetted at my clients family) to recover all supposed looted money kept by the
Abacha"s family both locally and abroad. This exercise has been on since the demise of my
clients father.

The goverment has succeeded so far in recovering the sum of $3.2billion dollars from a Swiss
bank account belonging to my clients father. As at 10 months ago, they recovered the sum of
$565million dollars and on the 11th of November 2001 another $395million dollars was recovered
due to the co-operation of the Swiss Banks. This facts can be confirmed in the Nigerian Embassy
in your country or you can request for the March 2000 edition of the Newsweek magazine or
CNN/BBC publications on Abacha.

I am consulting you on behalf of my client, Mr Mohammed Abacha who has mandated me to urgently
look for a foriegn patner with business experience to help us immediately move and receive an
approximate amount of about $30million dollars (Thirty Million United States Dollars) out
of The Netherlands into any account of yours. The account required for this project can either
be personal or company or an offshore account that you have total control over.

This funds was brougth into The Netherlands for investment purpose through diplomatic means and
has since been deposited in a private security and finance company and was tagged an official
consignment belonging to a foreign affiliate and tagged antique, thereby making it safe and the
content undisclosed to the security company.

All I want you to do is to receive the said amount in your name and invest it on behalf of my
clients family who shall be a partner (under anonymity) in what ever business venture you want.
All documentation regarding this transaction are all in my possession and a power of attorney
to transact this business has been fully given to me by my client. In the light of the above,
I am soliciting your assistance and partnership to move this funds out of The Netherlands as
you and I stand to benefit immensely from this transaction.

After due consultation and approval from my client we both have agreed that 20% of the funds
will be given to you for your assistance. Please contact me if you will be able and interested
in assisting. As soon as I hear from you, I would be providing you with my contact details in
The Netherlands so that we can discuss.

Best Regards,

F. Perezih.

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A knock off of the Nigerian Letter-you would be suprised how many Americans fall for this and other similar adds. Just like any legit sales-shotgun enought and a few will bit.

OB-let me know how much you sent them and I will try to get your money back.
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