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Memorial Weekend

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Here are some pics from a great Memorial Day weekend at Table Rock Lake!
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Andretti 502 said:
You've never seen blue slate before ? :laugher:
I went boating on Table Rock Lake last summer and it was blue but dang, it got even bluer! :clown:
Nice resolution :stupid:
Are you sure you went??????
I've tried to post them three times and it says it's not saved as excepted format. They are jpeg images what the hell?
That one is from last year! Saved the same way as this year but they wont post. :confused1
The other side of the line thats my nova sandwiched between the cruisers!


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Swam a ways for this one...good thing I was drunk cause the water was a little chilly


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I have more if you want to see em.
novadriver said:
I have more if you want to see em.
...I wanna sea em :D
Hey.........you did go :winker:

I like it, lets see more :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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