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Karen and I saw your message in our Saturday Trip thread.

We'd love for you to come down and enjoy the Chesapeake Bay. Hell, we'll even lend your our charts (you'll need'em).

The bay is a beautiful place in the summer time, but be warned that it does get as hot as hell. mid July to mid August are the worst. However that bay has hundreds of mile of shoreline, hundreds of small rivers to cruise up and lots of great towns that line the bay with Bar and restaurants to visit.

If you decide to come we will certainly do our best to accomodate you and be a tour guide of possible. If we can't make it out with you, we'll gladly prepare an itinerary of the best places to visit.

let us know if you can make it and we'll make plans...


Jeff & Karen

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Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Any talk of a Sunsation Rally East? That would really be a push for me to get out there. Sorry that you guys aren't making it out here for the Sunsation Rally. Fortunately for me the party sight is 3 miles down the road from me and I can park the boat down the street from the house.
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