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milky problem

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I had my valve cover off and had a small amount of milky oil on the corners. Any ideas? Thinkg maybe a intake leak. It was at the 1 cyl. on a 454 mag. Thanks for any help.
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Did you pull the dip stick and look at that?

Can you crack the oil filter and see what that looks like.I would say condensation is the issue and if you could bring the engine up to temp probably would burn it off.

Good luck....let us know
Dip stick is fin oil looks the same as when i put it in
Did you crack the oil filter open just a bit to see what the oil looks like? If you did and it looks fine it's mere condensation then.
I had a very similar problem and it was condensation. I was not getting close to operating temp. I had plumbed my exhaust wrong and could just get it barely above 100F. Changed it (thanks to the awesome help of some SW members) and now run around 140-150F and problem solved.
It is probably condensation due to the cold water temperature this time of year. Keep an eye on it and see if it goes away when the water gets warmer.
Check to see that the flappers in your Y pipe are still there - If they are gone they are probably blocking the exit at the bottom of the Y - This will cause the water to back up inside the exhaust and that will cause reversion.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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