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See U.S post office sucks for the 1st thing.

After busting my ass all weekend, cutting sod 80x20 area and pulling it all out I,m ready for the stone to be delivered. I call for the delivery and set it up for today at 12;30 during my lunch. The place calls at 12:05 and tells me the driver is on his way. At 1:15 he still is not there. I call the place to find out the status. The lady tells me he got lost. I said have him call me on my cell and I will guide him in. Need the #? No she says I have it. Then work calls and says the driver is on the phone trying to find my house,at the same time I see him pull up. I go out side and this a-hole gets out of the truck and tells me how pis*sed he is because he got lost. He stated I get paid by the load and I SCREWED him because he couldn't find the place. after my crap with the post office I was primed. I calmly explained to the irritated driver that I just ordered 18 yards of stone and if he did not apoligize,I would just as soon bury his ass under it . His mood seemed to change at that time and said he was not mad at me. Oh goody for me.

After all this I return to work and while in the middle of this post my 1 service advisor quits. Well that's just how my day has been going.

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Wow when it rains huh? I still say take 24 beers and forget it ever happened:eek: :eek:

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Paul, I am sorry that you had a shytty day!! Sounds like what I went through last week, but someone did die.

If you need to me do any bytching for ya, let me know! I know that you know I am good at it!:laugher: :laugher:

Dennis is on his way to Kansas, so call him on his cell if you need him for anything regarding the parts. You know that we are always here to help you anyway we can.

These posts are all just for fun, deep down you are a great person and don't need to be shyt on this way, especially all in one day!!

Love you - Cheryl (Mrs. Obnoxus)

:) ;) :smile1: :oops: :clown: :bigsmile: :winker: :laugh:
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