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Need advise

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anyone have any advise on how i can put up my boat for paint prep and motor swappage....

I have a big enough garage to roll it in and block it, so I can pull the trailer out from under her. (trailers getting some work too)

I want to make some stainless posts from scrap at work and cover it with conveyor material for padding on the hull. Then anchor the stands right to my floor.


i have a huge list of work I would like to accomplish, but with the short seasons in NY, we all know how hard it is to get things done before it gets too cold, or too hot outside. That's why I want to get it in the garage for the fall.

I was just wondering what you guys do when it comes time to get to work on the hull and other things.

here is a small list of work I need to do:

remove bottom paint
prep hull for paint (mouth full<---)
pull the drive and engine
re-PC the drive and transom ring
swap drive gears and do PM (seals/bearing)
get painting while temps are right
finish up the 4.3 and prep for drop-in
Finish paint
drop in engine
odds and ends....
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