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Need help with electrical gremlins

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I have a 1999 Nordic Flame with 1999 Merc 502 MPI Mags. The starboard engine has been suddenly dropping out the last two outings. It seems that the engine quits when we hit a wave or any time the boat jolts onto the surface of the water. I am trying to make a list of connections to check and see if there is anything else that I haven't thought of or if any of these are in no possible way the problem. Here's my list so far...

Connections at battery
Connections at battery switch
Connections at starter
Connections at coil and distributer
Connections at ignition kill switch
Connections at ignition key switch
Connections at supply to circuit breaker panel board

Every time this has happened so far, the boat slams...my volts drop, and as the engine dies the oil pressure drops. I really want to get this fixed this week, any other suggestions on what the problem may be would be greatly appreciated.

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My boat was doing the same thing and it was a faulty kill switch.
my guess would be the power source plug on top of engine. this is a large black male & female plug back by dist. on starboard side. just my .01 idea
My boat did the same thing and I agree with seaduce. I finally figured it out and put a hose clamp around it to hold it tight and have never had another problem.
Got it fixed this weekend, I want to thank everyone for their suggestions. Turns out it was the round "cannon" plug like several people suggested. I made sure that the plug was fully engaged and installed a stainless hose clamp. I took the boat out this weekend and it never stuttered once, and it was rough out there!

Thanks again guys, this site is a wealth of information.
Had the same thing happen to me.
Was out with the guys in ROUGH water - I look down at the guages and one engine shows NO oil pressure or any thing else. Tack showed 0.
quick pulled back on that throttle ( I hadnot lost any power ) shut that engine down couldn't find anything wrong in the engine compartment. Tried to restart - nothing. limped back on one engine.
Found the cannon plug loose.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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