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Neutral Safety Switch

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I have been having a hard time getting the engine to crank without jiggling the shifters. Guy at the marina says it a neutral safety switch. How hard is it change one and ball park price? Plus he says I need to see what kind of controls I have which I'm not really sure how to tell. Here's a pic of them. Anyone know?


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It is easy to do.It is just an end switch that is depressed by the shifter arm itself.Take the 4 phillips head screws loose at that bolts the shifter assembly to the dash and pull out your throttles.You have to then remove the bolts that bolt through the shifter.After you remove the bolts your controls will split apart,just be careful when separating because there is a ball bearing inside that can fall out.This should be greased and stick when removed but sometimes falls out.the safety switch will have two wires going to it.It will be black or red with a metal arm that depresses it.Your problem could just be in the adjustment shifter cable, but if you wanted to just replace the switch for good insurance it insn't hard to do.If you have a teleflex morse control the part number is CA27090P and they are around $20.Yours look just like the ones that I had and I believe the kiekhafer Zero efforts use the same switch also.
Perfect, thank you. Sounds like something I can handle.
The guys at the marina are saying that my switch will be on the engine. Does that make sense? I thought it would be on the bottom of the shifters.
Shift Interuptor is on the engine. Like mentioned above, its in the assembly.
Sorry, I took the explanation as though it was underneath the actual shifter assembly. I guess not. So why am I removing the shifter??
If you have a bravo one outdrive it should use the one in the shifter.The shift interupter is used to momentarily kill the engine so you can shift back in neutral with an alpha one outdrive. The bravo one uses different style clutches and doesn't need the shift interupter.I saw that you have a 454mag and assumed you would have a bravo one outdrive.Is this what you have?
Then what I told you originally should be correct, now that I think about it the alpha ones have the neutral safety switch in the shifter as well.If you want to check at your motor just to be sure look at where you throttle cables mount to your shifter bracket.Do you see any wires around where they attach?
I will check tonight and post back. Thanks for your help. Not sure why the marina guys can't just answer it?
Well I finally just took the whole thing out and the switch seems fine. I cleaned it up, greased it, put it all back together and all seems good. Thanks for everyones help!
New update. The switch is not working again. The guys at the marina just don't seem to be able to figure out what part it is so I cut it out. If anyone can help me figure out the part # or get me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Here is the info off of the switch.

Cherry Elect
10a 1/2 hp, 125-250 VAC.

Is there a way to just override the switch until I can get one?
I have the same shifter and mine gave me the same the problem I removed the switch. and fixed the problem
N'Mocean motorsport said:
I have the same shifter and mine gave me the same the problem I removed the switch. and fixed the problem
If you just remove the switch, it automatically overrides??
Wally said:
Yes that is it! Good job. I think I will just orderthe #23 with all the pieces and not worry about it. Thanks for your help!
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