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I finally got around to the glass shop today to pick up my 2 piece windscreen I had cut a while back, overall I am pretty satisfied with the exception of finding some good bushings/inserts used to screw it to the boat. The shop wound up drilling the holes pretty close to the screw size and we o-ringed each side of the lexan, seems to hold for now and looks really good. A few more screws and it will be finished.

Total cost was $254, a little cheaper than the quote they gave me. I got this one in clear, which is what I wanted, tinted is about $80 more. The original one is getting wrapped in carbon fiber, so i will have a spare or swap out if one gets damaged. Really cleaned up the looks and lines of the boat. Now if my interior could rush up and get here.....:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:

Pics soon...
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