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No spark 454 mag

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I just rebuilt and put the motor back in and I dont have any spark when Im turning the motor over. The motor is a 365 mag is a 1988 Power Play (Powerquest) with a MSD 6al wired into the Thunderbolt system. I have done the MSD test for spark and that works, I changed the trigger in the distributor, I have power to the ign module and power to the red/white wire and I checked the kill switch in an older post it was said that if the green/white wire was touched to ground that it should produce a spark but that dose not happen. anyone have any ideas where I can look. Thanks in advance
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Wire out the MSD and see if it runs. I had so much trouble with my setup like that I used to keep jumper wires handy so I could switch from tbolt only to tbolt w/ msd. Ultimately I removed the msds all together and never looked back. Other than that, make sure your tbolt module and distributor ground wires are good and have solid connections. Check for 12 volts at the + side of the coil with the ignition on.
check your wires again on mine i did not use the white wire i hood the groung wire to the engine i have my msd 18 years no problem. iput new engine in 600 ponys so i put a new box with a rew limter it works good were do you have your tack hook up it should go to gray wire on the msd box if you have it on coil that migth be your promblem
Thanks for the advice, I finaly got it to start. I rechecked each side of the connectins and found that I didnt crip one good enough. But the tach did not read dose anyone know what I can look for?
there a wire by it self gray thewire that went to coil then to the tack that goes to the msd box
did you get it running yet?
I did get it started, the pick up in the dist went bad. Thanks for the reply
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