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oil leak at adjustable collar on distributor

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I have a msd distributor with the adjustable collar for different deck heights and it apears to be leaking oil. Its not bad but after a hard run i noticed a little oil on the manifold behind the distributor. i noticed it at the same time i noticed my oil gauge acting wierd, but i dont thing they are a related problems. i used a normal distributor gasket. Anyone else using one of these distributors and have the same problem?
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I had the same issue, but a new gasket solved it. "If" the collar is set wrong,(too high) its possible that even with it clamped down, that it is not making a seal to the gasket.
I had the same proplem ,tried new gaskets and coller hieght adj , nothing worked.So a friend machined a small grove on the dist shaft and we put a O ring on it agaist the adjustable coller and the O ring slid into the opening in the intake and No more leaks, it works great. Just make sure the lash on the cam to dist gear is corect. :) :) :)
This is very common. I slolved it by running a small bead of The Right Stuff gasket maker around the collr then basically using it to stick the gasket to the dist. Try not to get any sealer on the intake side of the seal so it doesn't stick to the sealing surface on that side. Easy and cheap fix. If you are off on your collar height to the point you are binding with the oil pump shaft you will have big problems in the near future. Set the collar to MSD's recommendation and use some Right Stuff to seal it up. Make sure the sealer fills the gap where the collar ends come together.
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