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Only in WV --- the new Sonic

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Looks like someone really put some money and effort into that.

I love the cupholders in the floor :laugher:
:laugher: :laugher: This is a custom 26 ft cigarratte style boat . this boat was built bu a friend of minw who ran a custom corvette shop for 30 years . my friend spent 5 years building this boat . this boat started life as a 26 ft wellcraft cruiser :laugher: :laugher:
I think this baby is an undiscovered, unpolished gem, because like the ad says....

most boats this size need 2 big blocks to go that fast !!! one motor is alot easer on gas than 2 !

:laugher: :laugher:
I would hate to see his custom corvette . :D
(shakes head)

To my credit that is in the SOUTHERN part of the state.

Looks like a 22 sonic and a bayliner had sex and this is the child.
Yikes :eek: :eek: :laugher: :laugher:
WOW Reworked churns and a skylight.
when this boat is in the water it looks like a 100 thousand dollar sonic boat :eek:

i am open to trades but no junk........... Thats no fun.

There is one letter capitalized, it is the first "T". If I had the time I would count the exclamation points, there must be 40 of them.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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