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The most knowledgable man I know in Offshore today, that gives 110% in everthing he does. The man that can design,create and build just about anything he needs to rig a boat has one big obstacle he himself just cannot fix alone. This man is Doug Lewis of Professional Marine "Home of SKATERFEST" We all are usually going to him for the help and advice on how to make our boats go faster. Now unfortunately, he needs our help. Mind you, Doug is not asking for this. His friends are asking for support. If you could please take the time to read this letter it would mean alot to me and many of his friends. Thank you in advance...Tim Sharkey

A letter for a friend from his friends....

Doug Lewis needs your help! As friends of Doug and Leeanne’s, Rich and I are sending you this letter with the hope that you’ll help us in this time of need. As you may already know, Doug has Multiple Myeloma (MM) a type of cancer that strikes only 1% of those people that get cancer. MM, cancer of the bone marrow, while rare, is a closely related cousin of Leukemia. Each year 14,000 people are diagnosed with new cases of MM; 11,000 of those people will die. After having surgery in 2001 to remove a malignant tumor in his thigh we had all hoped and prayed that he was cured; unfortunately, that is not the case. In December 2001 he was re-diagnosed with MM. This time the disease is in his ribs, spine and skull. Without a bone marrow transplant his health will continue to deteriorate, quickly.

Doug is presently undergoing chemotherapy in preparation of a transplant. When treatment is completed sometime early this summer, his wish is to go to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (FHCRC) in Seattle, Washington for a bone marrow transplant. This transplant could save his life without one however Doug has no chance of survival. FHCRC is the number one facility in the country for treatment of MM and bone marrow transplants. Because Doug would have to relocate to Seattle for approximately six to nine months, Doug and Leeanne need to raise in excess of $100,000 to pay for medical expenses not covered by medical insurance. The need for long-term housing, transportation, transplant donor expenses, outpatient services and homecare/emergency nursing services in addition to other out-of-pocket costs not yet identified are just a few of the extra expenses that will have to be covered.

Would you please help Doug reach his goal so that the transplant will become a reality? Your donation would give Doug a much-needed lifeline until a cure can be found. Your generous contribution will go a long way in not only helping to save Doug’s life but also the lives of many others battling this terrible disease.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Friends of Doug Lewis,

Patrick Patel & Rich Luhrs

PLEASE NOTE: In order to be fully tax deductible, all checks must be made payable to "Walk on the Water of Faith Church of Deliverance, Inc." a 501(C)(3) accredited charity. Upon receipt you will be sent written acknowledgment of your donation. A self-addressed, stamped envelope is enclosed. If you have any questions or would like more information please call me at (908) 415-9482 or Rich at (845) 430-4500.

Mailing address;

Patrick G. Patel
Attorney at Law
580 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07306

Thank you.........
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