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Ozark Poker run

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Ozark Harbor Hop

Does anyone have information on the harbor hop the weekend of May 4 - 5 at Lake of the Ozarks? Any Baja's going?:confused:
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we will be down for the 4th of July, and maybe Memorial day,, where is Il are you? Where do you boat?
We are going down for the Harbor hop on May 3rd. The run is actually on Sat. & Sun. then coming back to home.
We have rented a house on the 7 MM on July 4th through the 11th. Maybe we will see you there. We keep our Baja 29 Outlaw in Eastport Marina in East Peoria. The marina is only a few years old so is very nice. Picture of my boat in the "show off your baja" section. ;)
Great !!!! We will just stay with you then !!!!!!:D :D :D
don't think there will be enough room. I am taking a few girls from illinois state university. sorry
OK,,,, If I leave my wife home can I stay with you !!!! LOL
Oh, go ahead and bring your wife. My wife ecourages these girls to show their t*ts at other boats anyway. :lick:
I see you are from New Lenox...........do you deal with Grand Sport
Center? I went on a Baja fun run last year and we put in close to Tinley park. Any chance you were in the group?:confused:
Oh she runs around with her top off most of the time to !!!!!

The more boobs the merrier I say !!!!

We launch at Alsip where you did all the time, but did not do the fun run,,, we like to follow our own scheduale !!! ( meaning the wife does not get out of bed early enough to go !!!! :) )
Hey, if you wanted to go, then you should have said something!!

I would have been up and ready for ya!!

Allsip is right. I went for the first time last year. Had a great time.
You didn't mention where you bought your boat. I have had nothing but good things to say about Grand Sport Center. They have treated me fairly. Talked to Jerry at GSC and he is talking about making a run from Spring Valley to Peoria this summer. You should consider going. :cool:
(Sorry I got Mrs Obnoxus upset) :devious: LOL
Shes not upset !!! Yep I bought from Grand Sport,,, I have not had any problems from them either,,, always helpful,,, just had a warranty issue they helped push through Baja that could have been sticky.

Let me know ,,, always looking to do something new !!!
3 days left!
Heading for the Ozarks for 3 days of boating, finally. Mr Obnoxus,
I will post some pics from the weekend. Let you know when we will coming your way. Never did hear from anyone on the forum that is going down.:(
Not till the 4th of July weekend,,,, motor is comming out of the boat today!!!!
I will be picking up my boat on Thursday afternoon in Peoria.
Probably take a quick run on the river before loading up. The marina has to put the boat in the water for me to drive it on the trailer. Then..........fun and sun in LOTO!
We need party cove pics !!! I am having withdrawl !!!!
Could you use some from last year?

send me your e-mail address and I will forward a couple of favorites.
I did !!!!! [email protected]
attn baja29!! there is also a fall harbor hop at loto i believe it was in late sept. the colors were really nice,i went on the one in 2000 the weather was cool and the boat ran like a raped ape!
1 - 20 of 53 Posts
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